Hefner, Jacob Ukrainian Women

ISBN 13: 9780985456733

Ukrainian Women

9780985456733: Ukrainian Women

First Edition

Throughout my travels I've noticed two topics where men very much enjoy a spirited debate. Sports and women. In regards to the latter there are personal preferences for hair color, body type, and other physical attributes, but there is one universally debated question in regards to women. Which country has the most beautiful women? Japan, Russia, and Brazil nearly always receive a quick mention, but there is one country that often rises above the rest. Ukraine. I've spent time in Ukraine each of the last four summers. You can pick out the men on their first, and sometimes second, visits. They appear awestruck at the beauty of the local women. While it is up for debate that Ukraine is the absolute best country for beautiful women, I think there is little question they are a finalist for such a distinction. This booklet celebrates not only the beautiful women, but the beautiful country that is Ukraine. 31 Ukrainian Women, all photographed naturally without make-up or Photoshop, in their beloved Ukraine.

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