Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar

9780992626846: Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar

Plectrum Technique for Bass Guitar is the third book in the popular Bass Techniques Series and is a complete method for learning to play the bass guitar with a plectrum. Starting with the absolute basics, the book covers logical applications of the alternate picking technique and demonstrates how it can be applied to play any bassline with a pick that can be played with the fingers. Sixteenth note and triplet-based grooves are also covered. There are 201 exercises in the book, as well as four full-length study pieces. All exercises in the book are supported by audio files which are free to download from the publisher's website.

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About the Author:

STUART CLAYTON has been playing the bass guitar for over twenty years and has been working professionally as both a musician and a writer since 2002. During the course of his career he has toured the world with artists such as Carl Palmer (Emerson Lake & Palmer), played on cruise ships, in theater shows and taught in several educational institutions. He currently works as Head of Bass at BIMM Bristol, as well as fulfilling the role of Bass Guitar Specialist for rock and pop exam board RockSchool. He has written several popular bass guitar tuition titles for Music Sales and Sanctuary Publishing, and also writes for Bass Guitar Magazine. He now runs his own publishing company, Bassline Publishing, which publishes a successful series of transcription and tuition books.

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