Edward Nangle; The Apostle of Achill: A Memoir and a History

9781151020239: Edward Nangle; The Apostle of Achill: A Memoir and a History
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This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1884. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... CHAPTER IX. STRONG IN THE LOED. "A sure stronghold our God is He, A trusty shield and weapon, Our help He '11 be, and set us free From every ill can happen. "That old malicious foe Intends us deadly woe; Arm'd with the strength of Hell, And deepest craft as well, On earth is not his fellow." Translation of Luther's Hymn. HITHEETO the Achill Mission had been, on the whole, remarkably successful. Opposition had been met and manfully resisted. It now stood before the world as "an accomplished fact." No one, however, who has had any experience of missionary work at home or abroad would be likely to indulge the hope that such a work as that which had made Achill famous would long remain unmolested by the great Enemy of mankind. Difficulties gradually arose on all sides, and these difficulties had to be met and conquered. Mr. Nangle had, as we have already seen, left Achill on his promotion to the parish of Skreen. Being at a considerable distance, he could not personally superintend the work at all times, and occasionally serious differences of opinion arose between him and those who, being on the spot, were more likely than he was to understand what ought and what ought not to be done. Mr. Nangle was not a man to yield either his judgment or his conduct to the guidance of another, and therefore to outsiders it must have appeared, at times, more than probable that the work which had been so auspiciously begun and so triumphantly accomplished would have, before long, to be abandoned altogether. It was precisely the crisis that was being looked for and longed for by those who in their hearts despised all attempts at what they called "proselytism," and if we believe, as we must believe, in the influence of Satan, it was just the opportunity which he in his malignity wou...

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