The Journal of Advanced Therapeutics (Volume 29)

9781154423860: The Journal of Advanced Therapeutics (Volume 29)
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated.1911 Excerpt: ... Case 4-M. S. Female. Age 86. Large epithelioma springing from the median line just above the nose, well back on the scalp to the middle of the temple back over the eye. Granulating surface the size of a large hand. Intense odor and much pain. Desiccated whole area, one application, July 8, 1910. This was done with the idea of palliation, and Dr. Hollopeter reported to me that the odor and pain was much lessened. She did not return for further treatment. Case referred by Dr. Albert Parke Good, of Philadelphia: Case 5. A. F. Male. Age 43. Epithelioma on nose 1 by Yt, inch in size. Two years' standing. Desiccated October 5, 1909. Entirely healed in three weeks with practically no scar. No recurrence sixteen months after treatment. Case 6. G. H. Male. Age 40. After irritation to his lip from constant cornet playing since boyhood, a small keratosis appeared about three years ago on the mucous membrane of his lip, slightly to the right of the median line. It gradually grew to the size of a pea, deep into the tissue and become hard and painful. Unquestionably, in my opinion, a malignant growth. Desiccated March 16, 1910. In three weeks there was perfect healing. No recurrence to date--eleven months after treatment. Case 7. R. W. Male. Age 38. Four large protruding internal hemorrhoids. Intense spasm of spincter-ani. Satisfactory anaesthesia by ionic diffusion of cocaine. Good exposure with speculum of rubber with wide longitudinal groove. Desiccated February 15, 1910. Ulcerations healed rapidly. Rectum returned to place. Spasm disappeared. Last examination three months ago; result satisfactory. Case 8. E. V. Male. Age 50. Desiccated large mole with flat base exactly on the margin of the upper eyelid, leaving no scar, nor the slightest suspicion of contracture. Cas...

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