Iranian Television Series: My Uncle Napoleon, Shabhaye Barareh, Mardane Ahanin, Madare Sefr Darajeh, Baghe Mozaffar, Marde Do Hezar Chehreh

9781155209401: Iranian Television Series: My Uncle Napoleon, Shabhaye Barareh, Mardane Ahanin, Madare Sefr Darajeh, Baghe Mozaffar, Marde Do Hezar Chehreh

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 31. Chapters: Asemaneshab, Ashpazbashi, Baghe Mozaffar, Bitter Coffee (Iranian video series), Cactus (TV series), Char Khooneh, Cultural and Scientific Treasuries, Dar Chashm-e Baad, Ers-e Babam, Faza Navardan, Foggy Tabriz (TV series), Ghahve-ye Talkh, Hezar Dastan, Hoosh-e Siah, Hovyiat (TV series), Iran's Strongest Man, Jayezeye Bozorg, Mard-e Hezar-Chehreh, Marde Do Hezar Chehreh, Mokhtarnameh, Mosafer (TV series), My Uncle Napoleon, Nardebam-e Aseman, Nargess (TV series), Navad, Next Persian Star, Noghtechin, Pavarchin, Persianhaha, Rahe Bipayan, Roozegar-e Gharib, Saate Khosh, Shabhaye Barareh, Shaheed-e-Kufa, Tabeta Tales, The Messiah (2007 film), The Searchers (TV series), Zahra's Blue Eyes, Zero Degree Turn, Zire Tigh, Zire Zamin. Excerpt: Iran's Strongest Man (also called Mardan Ahanin) (Persian: ????? ????? - ??? ???? ??? ?????) is the most famous and the only televised annual strongman event in Iran, presented during Nowruz by Channel 3. Reza Javdani is the main host of this program (except three periods) and Faramarz Khodnegah is the official referee.In some periods, Mehdi Fatemi (2005-2006), Mehrab Fatemi (2007-2009), and Ali Dadashi (partly on 2010) helped Khodnegah in his job. The idea of having the Iran's strongest man series was introduced in 1998. In the same year, the first period of this program started. The name of this program was Ghavitarin Mardan Iran which changed from the next periods to Mardan Ahanin. The way of performing this program was completely different from the next periods. The program was held among the year, and the program was shown on TV once a week and it lasts more than 27 weeks (From starting to ending). In the first period, the quality of the matches were not that much standard according to the world level standards, and many non-professional athletes participate in the program. The Final was done by the participation of six athletes. In the final, Mehrab Fatemi could win the title. In this year, some other athletes like Hamid Soltan, Mehdi Mirdavoudi, Mehdi Fatemi, Mehdi Panahi, Akbar Ghamgin, Kazem Ghamgin and Rahim Asgari could have a good performance. After 3 years, the second program started. From this program up to now, the matches is held in an intensive way near the Norooz and the series is shown on TV in Norooz. After three years, the quality of matches increased from the second period.From this year only the professional athletes from weightlifting and Bodybuilding participated in the program and before entering to the event they had some regional or country-wide testing. The Final was done by the participation of eight athletes. In this second period, Mehrab Fatemi again could repeat his title. In addition, some new athletes introduced themselves as the c

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