Novels by J. M. G. Le Clézio (Book Guide)

9781155238074: Novels by J. M. G. Le Clézio (Book Guide)

This is nonfiction commentary. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Chapters: Étoile Errante, Désert, le Chercheur D'or, Onitsha, Terra Amata, le Procès-Verbal, La Grande Vie, La Quarantaine, le Jour Où Beaumont Fit Connaissance Avec Sa Douleur, Celui Qui N'avait Jamais Vu La Mer, Ourania, Fantômes Dans La Rue, Ritournelle de La Faim, Révolutions, Lullaby, le Déluge, Les Géants, le Livre Des Fuites, Hasard Suivi de Angoli Mala, Voyage Au Pays Des Arbres, Villa Aurore, Poisson D'or, Voyages de L'autre Côté, La Guerre. Source: Wikipedia. Free updates online. Not illustrated. Excerpt: Étoile errante is the title of a novel written in French by French author and Nobel laureate J. M. G. Le Clézio and translated into English as Wandering Star. It tells the story of two teenage girls on the threshold and in the aftermath of World War II. Esther, a French Jew who flees for Jerusalem with her mother just after Italy's occupation of a small section of south-east France ended during World War II; and Nejma, a young Arab orphaned and unable to return to the ancient city of her birth, Akka, after the Israeli declaration of statehood. Esther emigrates to the newborn state of Israel, where she encounters another group of refugees, this time Palestinian. In the year 1944 in a mountainous area on the French-Italian border Esther and her mother and all the Jews in the village of Saint-Martin must cross from France to Italy to avoid the SS. After the war, she and her mother, Elizabeth, begin their long journey to France, to the sailing ship Sette Fratelli which will take them to Palestine.When Esther finally arrives in Jerusalem, she briefly meets and exchanges names with Nejma, a Palestinian, another wanderer, one who ends up, in the summer of 1948, in the Nour Chams Refugee Camp. According to one reviewer Wandering Star could have been an a...More:

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