Football Clubs in Veneto: A.C. Chievoverona, Hellas Verona F.C., Vicenza Calcio, F.B.C. Unione Venezia, Calcio Padova, A.S. Cittadella

9781155356051: Football Clubs in Veneto: A.C. Chievoverona, Hellas Verona F.C., Vicenza Calcio, F.B.C. Unione Venezia, Calcio Padova, A.S. Cittadella

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 32. Chapters: A.C.D. Città di Concordia, A.C.D. Trissino-Valdagno, A.C. Belluno 1905, A.C. ChievoVerona, A.C. Este, A.C. Jesolo, A.C. M.M. Sarego A.S.D., A.C. Mestre, A.C. Montagnana, A.C. Sambonifacese, A.C. Somma, A.S.D. G.C. CastelnuovoSandrà, A.S.D. Giorgione Calcio 2000, A.S.D. Universitaria Albignasego, A.S.D. Villafranca, A.S. Cittadella, A.S. Petrarca Calcio, A.S. Union Quinto, Bassano Virtus 55 S.T., Boca Ascesa Val Liona, Calcio Montebelluna, Calcio Padova, Calcio Portogruaro Summaga, Calcio San Paolo Padova, Clodiense S.S.D., F.B.C. Unione Venezia, F.C. Legnago Salus S.S.D., F.C. Treviso, Hellas Verona F.C., Monselice Calcio 1926, Piovese Calcio 1919, Real Vicenza V.S. S.S.D., Rovigo Calcio, S.S.D. Domegliara, S.S.D. Eurotezze, SandonàJesoloCalcio, U.C. Montecchio Maggiore, U.S.D. Calcio Delta Porto Tolle, U.S.D. Virtusvecomp Verona, U.S. Adriese, U.S. Città di Jesolo, U.S. Opitergina, Unione Sportiva Luparense, Vicenza Calcio. Excerpt: Hellas Verona Football Club (commonly known simply as Verona, or Hellas within the city of Verona itself) is a professional Italian association football team, based in Verona, Veneto. Currently it plays in Serie B. Hellas Verona have won one Italian Championship, in 1984-85. Founded in 1903 by a group of high school students, the club was named Hellas (the Greek word for Greece), at the request of a professor of Classics. At a time in which football was played seriously only in the larger cities of the Northwest of Italy, most of Verona was indifferent to the growing sport. However, when in 1906 two city teams chose the city's Roman amphitheatre as a venue to showcase the game, crowd enthusiasm and media interest began to rise. During these first few years Hellas was one of three or four area teams playing mainly at a municipal level while fighting against city rivals Bentegodi to become the city's premier football outfit. By the 1907-1908 season, Hellas was playing against regional teams and an intense rivalry with Vicenza Calcio that lasts to this day was born. From 1898 to 1926 Italian football was organised into regional groups. In this period Hellas was one of the founding teams of the early league and often among its top final contenders. In 1911, the city helped Hellas replace the early, gritty football fields with a proper venue. This allowed the team to take part in its first regional tournament, which until 1926, was the qualifying stage for the national title. In 1919, following a return to activity after a four year suspension of all football competition in Italy during World War I the team merged with city rival Verona and changed its name to Hellas Verona. Between 1926 and 1929 the elite "Campionato Nazionale" assimilated the top sides from the various regional groups and Hellas Verona joined the privileged teams, yet struggled to remain competitive. Serie A, as it is structured today, began in 1929, when the Campionato Nazionale turned into a professi

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