Dairy Farming in Canada: Canadian Cheeses, Dairy Products Companies of Canada, Beatrice Foods, Manufacture of Cheddar Cheese, Cheese Curds

9781156092644: Dairy Farming in Canada: Canadian Cheeses, Dairy Products Companies of Canada, Beatrice Foods, Manufacture of Cheddar Cheese, Cheese Curds

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 46. Chapters: Aiin, Blood types in Japanese culture, Bromide (Japanese culture), Cool Japan, Couple costume, Denpa, Edo period in popular culture, Goldfish scooping, Gyaru-moji, Hannari tofu, Japanese historical people in popular culture, Japanese idol, Japanese Movie Database, Japanese pop culture in America, Japanorama, Japan Bish?jo Contest, Jenny (doll), Karaoke box, Kawaii, Licca-chan, Light novel, List of musical artists from Japan, Maneki-neko, Marriage in Japan, Meibutsu, Miss Nippon, Momoko Doll, Mr. Admin, Naked (Joan Jett album), Net idol, Otaku, Pekoppa, Photo booth, White Day, Wotagei, Yatta (song), Yoshida Brothers II. Excerpt: Many significant Japanese historical people appear in works of popular culture such as anime, manga, and video games. This article presents information on references to historical people in such works. She appears in Warriors Orochi series, the crossover series of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors. In WO2, she becomes friends with Da Ji, and she is the key to resurrecting the Japanese demon Orochi. She also appears in Kessen II, a fictional story with characters from Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In this story, she is in love with Cao Cao, but she is jealous of Diao Chan. She goes off in a rage, and she has to be stopped by Wei and Shu. His name appears in many works of fiction, often as a helpful, wise man, and rarely as an enemy. Yoshitsune as he appears in Warriors Orochi 2. Kiyomori as he appears in Warriors Orochi 2 . Harada Sanosuke appears in Shiba Ryoutarou's novels Moeyo Ken and Shinsengumi Keppuroku. He is depicted in the drama series Shinsengumi! (played by Yamamoto Taro). In addition, Harada appears in the manga and anime series Peacemaker Kurogane. He is also featured in Kaze Hikaru (manga), Getsumei Seiki (manga) and Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi (video game series) and is shown in flashback sequences in Rurouni Kenshin (the character designs for him and the character based on him, Sagara Sanosuke, are similar). Hattori Masanari is portrayed in the anime series Shinshaku Sanada Juyushi as a ninja warrior serving beneath Ieyasu initially during the Sekigahara Campaign (within this campaign, Masanari attempts to kill the main character Sarutobi Sasuke, not only for the sake of protecting the Tokugawa contingent upon which the former had been spying, but also to avenge his father who had been slain by ninja of Sasuke's K?ga clan, though this wasn't the case in actual history). He was also portrayed by Sonny Chiba in Shadow Warriors I. Hijikata is depicted in the 1999 film Gohatto (played by Takeshi Kitano), the 2004 NHK Taiga drama series Shinsengumi!

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