Computer Jargon: Sex, DLL Hell, Syntactic Sugar, Yet Another, Killer Poke, Rain Dancing, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, Tag

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9781156428405: Computer Jargon: Sex, DLL Hell, Syntactic Sugar, Yet Another, Killer Poke, Rain Dancing, Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, Tag

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 51. Chapters: SEX, DLL hell, Syntactic sugar, Yet another, Killer poke, Rain dancing, Fear, uncertainty and doubt, Tag, Eating your own dog food, User error, Jargon File, Drinking the Kool-Aid, Software rot, Leech, Software archaeology, Supranet, Boilerplate, Crash, Software brittleness, MoSCoW Method, Brick, Silver bullet, Blinkenlights, Brain dump, Bit rot, Bogon filtering, Visual inspection, White box, Bit bucket, Blacklist, Munged password, On the fly, Power Good Signal, On-the-fly encryption, Christmas tree packet, Real Programmer, Visual comparison, Write-only documentation, Code monkey, Buzzword compliant, Write-only language, Crash to desktop, Small matter of programming, Scratch monkey, GSAR, NEA, PLOKTA, Big iron, Reboot, Reformat, Reinstall, Out of the box, P convention, Plugpoint, Spindle, Liveware, Flag day, Green Lightning, Server sprawl, Snivitz, Frankenmachine, Misbug, Spindling, Miswart. Excerpt: In computing, DLL Hell is a term for the complications that arise when working with dynamic link libraries (DLLs) used with Microsoft Windows operating systems, particularly legacy 16-bit editions which all run in a single memory space. While the phrase is Windows-specific and a derivation of the general cross-platform phrase "dependency hell", the rhyme "DLL hell" makes its use popular for discussing a general Windows-related dependency hell case. DLL Hell often shows up in a Windows alert pop-up that reports something similar to "A Required DLL File, Z.DLL, was not found" or "The procedure entry point Y couldn't be located in X.DLL" when users try to run an application, or during startup. This can also manifest itself more quietly as applications not working properly. It takes a number of forms, as detailed below. There are a number of problems commonly encountered with DLLs - especially after numerous applications hav...

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