General Motors transmissions: Turbo-Hydramatic, Global Hybrid Cooperation, Turboglide, List of GM transmissions

9781156479155: General Motors transmissions: Turbo-Hydramatic, Global Hybrid Cooperation, Turboglide, List of GM transmissions
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 31. Chapters: Turbo-Hydramatic, Global Hybrid Cooperation, Turboglide, List of GM transmissions, GM Roto Hydramatic transmission, Dynaflow, GM 4T60-E transmission, Powerglide, Corvair Powerglide, GM 4L60-E transmission, DEXRON, Turbo-Hydramatic 125, List of GM bellhousing patterns, New Venture Gear, GM-Ford 6-speed automatic transmission, Super Turbine 300, GM 5L40-E transmission, GM 4T80 transmission, GM 4T40 transmission, GM 6T40 transmission, Getrag 282 transmission, GM F40, F35 transmission, GM 6L50 transmission, GM 4L80-E transmission, VTi transmission, Turbo-Hydramatic 425, GM 6L80 transmission, F20 manual transmission, GM 4L30-E transmission, Turbo-Hydramatic 180, Easytronic, F25 manual transmission, Saturn MP transmission, GM Powertrain Europe. Excerpt: Turbo-Hydramatic is the registered tradename of a family of automatic transmissions developed and produced by General Motors. These transmissions mate a three-element torque converter to a Simpson planetary geartrain, providing three forward speeds plus reverse. The Turbo-Hydramatic (THM) series was developed to replace both the original Hydra-Matic models and the Buick Dynaflow. In its original incarnation as the Turbo-Hydramatic 400, it was first used in the 1964 model year in Cadillacs. The Buick version, which followed shortly thereafter, was known as the Super-Turbine 400. By 1973, THM units had replaced all of GM's other automatic transmissions including Chevrolet's Powerglide, Buick's Super Turbine 300, and Oldsmobile's Jetaway. Starting in the early 1980s, the Turbo-Hydramatic was gradually supplanted by four-speed automatics, some of which continue to use the "Hydramatic" trade name. Although the Turbo-Hydramatic name alludes to the Hydramatic developed by General Motors' Cadillac division in the late 1930s, the two transmissions were not mechanically related. Tur...

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