Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean: HMS Victoria, SS Ohio, USS McKean, Ins Dakar, HMS Zebra, Scindian, USS Jallao, Mv Empire Windrush

9781156604144: Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean: HMS Victoria, SS Ohio, USS McKean, Ins Dakar, HMS Zebra, Scindian, USS Jallao, Mv Empire Windrush

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 60. Chapters: HMS Victoria, SS Ohio, USS McKean, INS Dakar, HMS Zebra, Scindian, USS Jallao, MV Empire Windrush, USS Ingraham, Uluburun shipwreck, USS Jack, Kyrenia ship, MS Express Samina, HMS Hindostan, HMS Zealous, Spanish battleship España, MV Danny F II, MT Haven, Spanish submarine C-3, SS Letchworth, SS Reina del Mar, HMS Sussex, K?smetim-1 incident, MS Zenobia, Spanish cruiser Baleares, SS Gisela L M Russ, USS Frank Knox, SS City of Paris, Antikythera wreck, USS Philadelphia, Marsala, HMS Athenienne, French battleship Strasbourg, SS Dia, Mahdia shipwreck, HMS Martin, Spanish destroyer Almirante Ferrándiz, USNS Grommet Reefer, 2009 Mediterranean Sea migrant shipwreck, HMS Lady Shirley, HMS Stubborn, USS Harwood, French submarine Minerve, MS Moby Prince, HMS Lively, Greek torpedo boat Panormos, HMS Sportsman, MV Shelly, French frigate Sémillante, French submarine Eurydice, French ironclad Magenta, HMS Avenger, MV Adriatica, MV Panagiotis, French ship Courageux, HMS H42, HMS Postillion, HMS Phoenix, HMS Chamois, HMS Bagshot, Refah Tragedy, HMS Psyche, MV Demetrios II, MV Rozi. Excerpt: HMS Victoria was the lead ship in her class of two battleships of the Royal Navy. On 22 June 1893, she collided with Camperdown near Tripoli, Lebanon during manoeuvres and quickly sank, taking 358 crew with her, including the commander of the British Mediterranean Fleet, Vice-Admiral Sir George Tryon. One of the survivors was second-in-command, John Jellicoe, later commander-in-chief of the British Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland. Victoria was constructed at a time of innovation and development in ship design. She was originally to have been named Renown, but the name was changed before launching to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, which occurred the year that the ship was launched. Her arrival was accompanied by considerable pub...

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