Sir Philip Sidney Complete Poems Volume 3

ISBN 13: 9781230014869

Complete Poems Volume 3

9781230014869: Complete Poems Volume 3

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1877 edition. Excerpt: ... was to me more than most gracious, Farr, farr more sure then walls most firmly fast. Yet I confess in that tempestuous hast I said that I from out Thy sight was cast; But Thou didst heare when I to Thee did cry. Then loue the Lord, all ye that feel His grace, For this our Lord preserues the faithfull race; Be strong in hope, His strength shall you supply. PSALM XXXIL4 Beati, quorum remisszz sum'. 1. BLESSED is he whose filthy stain The Lord with pardon dos make cleane, Whose fault well hidden lyeth; Blessed indeed to whom the Lord Imputes not sins to be abhord, Whose spirit falshood flyeth. 2. Thus I, prest down with weight of pain, Whether I silent did remain Or roar'd, my bones still wasted; For so both day and night did stand On wretched rne Thy heavy hand, A My life hott torments tasted. 4 Ps. xxxii. st. i. l. I, in margin 'Blessed is the man, exp.unged.' Trin. Col. in st. ii. ll. 4-5, reads VOL. III. L And open'd mine own wickedness Wherto my heart did giue me: So I my self accus'd to God, And His sweet grace streight eas'd the rod, And did due pain forgiue me. 4. Therfore shall evry godly one In fitt time make to Thee his moane, When Thou wilt deign to heare him; Sure, sure the floods of straying streames, How ever they putt in their claimes, Shall never dare come neare him.. Thou art my safe and secret place, Who savest me from troblous case, To songs and joyfull byding; But whoso will instructed be, Come, come, I will the way teach thee, Guide thee, by my eyes guiding. 6. Oh, be not like a horse or mule, Wholy devoyd of reason's rule, Whose mouths thy self dost bridle, Knowing full well that beasts they be, And therfore soon would mischeif thee, If thou remainest idle. 7. Woes, woes...

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