The Armenian Origin of the Etruscans

9781231493120: The Armenian Origin of the Etruscans
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1861 Excerpt: ...'one who sees, a seer, a prophet, ' pres. part. of tesanel. tesaneli, 'visible, ' fut. part. of tesanel. tesanelich, 'sight, the eyes, ' the plural form of tesaneli. 1 Gol, 'to be,' is anomalous. A more recondite and perhaps a better interpretation of Idan is given by Miiller (Etrusker, v. i. p. 446). He compares the two inscriptions on the same monument--La. Venete La. Lethial1 etera Se. Venete La. Lethial klan and observes: 'If etera be taken to mean 'other, second, ' klan must be 'first, firstborn.' Etera is thus compared with the Gr. Irtpog, Umbr. etre, Arm. 6tar. Dr. Donaldson argues in. the same manner (Farronianus, p. 171): 'If then etera means, as is most probable, the second of a family' (just as Arm. mivs, 'other,' does signify the second son of five--St. Martin, M&moires, v. ii. p. 174), 'klan must mean the first or head of the family.' This might bring us to the Arm.--klan.. Arm. glovkh, 'head, summit, the first rank ' glkhan zovkn (lit. 'head-fish'), 'a chub;' glkhani, 'the chief persons in a city, the nobility.' Glkhan would become klkhan in Etruscan; or, omitting the aspirate, klan. mi Kalairu fuius (191). Lth. Marikane via (315). Larthi Vetus Klaukesjtwt'a (310). Arnth Vipis Serturis puiak Sutat...i (311). Anes 1 Lethus is given as a Pelasgian name. (H. ii. 843.) 1 The Syrianians are a Finnish tribe in the.Russian provinces of Arkhanf?el, Vologda, and Perm. The exact meanings of klan,fuius, and sak, are not perfectly clear. Klan and sak might possibly define the familia or the gens of the deceased; and fuius imply youth, as parentage is indicated in Etruscan without any word signifying 'son' or 'child.' The following epitaphs, 87 and 124, shew the distinction between klan and such words as fuius or puia:--Tlatisal puiia Larthias Rutenei....

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