Stirring Times Volume 1; Or, Records from Jerusalem Consular Chronicles of 1853 to 1956

9781231889435: Stirring Times Volume 1; Or, Records from Jerusalem Consular Chronicles of 1853 to 1956
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1878 Excerpt: Palgrave's Arabia,' vol. i. p. 455. 'The tribe of Kenanah from which he (Mahomet) was sprung, was near akin to that of Keys, and both were descended from Nezar, whose very name was the war-cry of the northern Arabs in their combats with the armie3 of Yemen, hostilities were long carried on between them, until the Kaisiyeh were crushed, with the famous Fakh'r-ed-Deen as their champion. In the South of Palestine the feuds under those names are still in vigour. Our Kaisiyeh profess (and this is all they have to say on the subject) that they derive their appellation from their being ' hardened' against the Mohammedan creed at its first promulgation, and therefore the last to accept it--an evidence, they say, of their natural hardihood. The men are distinguished by their turbans, the Kaisiyeh wearing them striped of dark red and yellow; but the Yemeniyeh striped of pink upon white; and in their pride the former boast that dark-coloured horses are stronger than the paler coloured--also, that even dark-coloured cocks of the village dunghills always conquer their paler opponents; and as for warfare, they assert that the Kaisi Mohammed Abd en Nebi el 'Amleh, though mustering but four hundred men, is always victorious over Abu Gosh the Yemeni, with his much larger resources. If true at any time, this can only be so within his own rocky wilderness, where it is difficult to pursue him. In some villages, such as Malhhah, SW. of Jerusalem, and others, the people are divided, some being of Kais and others of Yemeni, ranged, when called out for fighting under the opposite banners of those factions, across their own street. There are some differences between them in their dialect of Arabic: among other such, the Kaisiyeh pronounce the letter kdf like hard g, as the Bedaw...

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