Gilles Ronin Drawing Perspective

ISBN 13: 9781408134498

Drawing Perspective

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9781408134498: Drawing Perspective

This fantastic guide to perspective is perfect for all painting and drawing enthusiasts. Covering everything from how to paint and draw freehand from nature without losing perspective to representing spacial structure, this book is suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced artists. It applies the principles to real examples as well as theoretical exercises and covers a range of different perspectives including frontal to vanishing point, oblique to two vanishing points, views from above and curving.This book is the perfect companion to our other drawing titles the Art of Botanical Drawing and Drawing for Interior Designers.

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About the Author:

Gilles Ronin is an architect and teaches at Ecole d'Architecture des Beaux Arts in Paris. He is also the author of our fantastic forthcoming title Drawing for Interior Designers.


The time, surely, has come for a new standard work and I think we might finally have it ... [Ronin] provides plenty of examples of freehand drawing that leaven the necessarily methodical way of coming at the subject ... The simple fact of the matter is that every artist should have this book ... Giles mananges to make its [perspective's] study something you can actually enjoy. I think that's a first. Artbookreview [The author] has a beautiful drawing style, lending a subtlety to his teaching Leisure Painters

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