Sharman Y. Castillo Not That Road

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Not That Road

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9781470110284: Not That Road
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The Gospel Story has been told many times. If you want the best version, the easiest thing to do is to pick up the Bible.However, Sharman takes the Salvation concept to a new dimension, in this clever and charming story.King Alfa knows that his son Ramon does not wish to marry, but Ramon is his only heir and should anything ever happen to the King, Ramon would be left completely alone.So King Alfa, along with the approval and cooperation of Ramon, devises a plan to give 10 worthy individuals or families the opportunity to become a part of his Royal Family. However, no one other than the King and Ramon knows of the plan.Invitations are sent out, and instructions are given on exactly how to get to the Castle, it is up to the participants to choose whether they will follow the hard road the King has commanded they travel on, or whether they will take the easier road.Not That Road is wonderful! There are Royal Messengers, Scribes, Knights, Servants and more Messengers! You will find yourself cheering for some of the participants, while wondering (why?) for others.So sit back, relax, and make sure when you begin your journey, that you follow the rules by staying on the right road!

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Sharman Castillo is an inspirational Christian writer. She had a degree in Music and Theology. She is a Wife, Mother and Grandmother, but most importantly, a Servant of God.

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