DIGITAL PHOTO RETOUCHING: Beauty, fashion & portrait photography: Inspiration, Tips & Video Workshop by Julia Kuzmenko

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9781482792263: DIGITAL PHOTO RETOUCHING: Beauty, fashion & portrait photography: Inspiration, Tips & Video Workshop by Julia Kuzmenko
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Check out the digital version of this book at to gain access to additional materials (custom Beauty Brushes & Actions) + 2 extra pages and 30 minutes of video tutorials on how to use them. All links in the digital book are clickable, the navigation inside the book is very simple and convenient. You will also receive a 25% off discount code for the print version upon your digital book purchase. We only made the print book available as an additional option for those few who still prefer holding printed books in their hands. There are scannable QR codes in the print copy, which will take you to the video tutorials on your internet enabled device. And there are simply clickable Video icons, which will take you to the private Youtube videos on your computer (or tablet). We’ve put together a beautiful book for you to get inspired and learn professional Beauty, Fashion & Portrait retouching tricks and techniques from a successful internationally published photographer, retoucher and educator Julia Kuzmenko McKim. The cover photo won second place in the global Wacom & AfterCapture Digital Imaging Contest 2012 in the Portrait category, and you can follow its retouching process with Julia in a 5-page illustrated text and 40-minute narrated video workshop. It’s an inspirational book full of beautiful images, real-world retouching and photography tips, articles and a few illustrated text and video tutorials (over 60 min in print copy and over 90 min in digital) for amateur and professional photographers who edit their work in Adobe Photoshop. This book is created with intermediate and advanced Photoshop users in mind. HIGHLIGHTS: Pages 24-28: Cover Image Illustrated Text Workshop Pages 36-37: Retouching Face + Video (13 min) Page 44: Cover Image Video Retouching Workshop (42min) Pages 50-51: Photographing & Retouching Hair + Video (10 min) Tons of Images & Real World Photography & Retouching Tips Articles on shooting on location, in studio, working with models Custom Beauty Brushes & Actions sets (see Digital Goodie Bag subfolder) (only in digital book) Pages 58-59: Working with the custom Brushes & Actions mentioned above + Video tutorial (30 min) (only in digital book) The video tutorials in this book are private Youtube videos exclusively accessible to the readers of this book

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Find the creator and Editor-in-Chief Marcin Migdal's latest bio information at & Julia Kuzmenko's BIO: I started taking pictures of my friends and family as a hobby in 2006, when I was spending most of my life in a corporate office in Moscow, crunching numbers. I always loved visual arts and spent a lot of time drawing and painting when I was a child, so Photoshop became my new playground right from my first introduction to it. And soon my main job started getting in the way of my new passion. Even though it wasn’t an easy decision, I took a leap of faith and quit my job to go to Australia to study Photography and Digital Imaging. I started marketing myself and working as a commercial photographer in Melbourne right from the beginning of my Commercial Photography course. We photography students had full access to a wonderful spacious studio in South Melbourne, and very soon I started booking photo shoots for local record studios, modeling agencies, and advertising agencies. I not only photographed, but I also art directed and designed CD album covers and booklets for a few Australian musicians in Melbourne. It was an amazing-dream-come-true life for an ex-accountant! I stayed true to my passion and continued working on my skills, both lighting and post production, even after I finished my photography course and left Australia in 2010. I have been published internationally as a retoucher and photographer in the leading Beauty and Hairstyling industry magazines such as Salon International, American Salon, Hair’s How Russia, Canadian Hairdresser, and many more in the past year. I also started sharing my knowledge and skills with young photographers from all over the world through my retouching classes and eBooks in the beginning of 2012. This book was created as an inspiration source with many beautiful images, illustrations, retouching tips, and a few illustrated text and video tutorials for amateur and professional photographers who work in Adobe Photoshop. I hope you enjoy my collection of photos as well as the work and insights from our brilliant guest artists and get inspired to follow your dreams!

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