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9781607438465: Carpe Articulum Literary Review
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Carpe Articulum Literary Review is a full colour, perfect bound, 8 1/2 x 11 in. literary magazine issued quarterly. Unlike other publications, however, these issues are temporary in nature. They retain value and reading delight for years to come. Not only does Carpe Articulum strive to provide a broad platform for writers, it also enables great up-and-coming photographers and painters to be seen. For while the name Carpe Articulum means Seize the Moment (playing, of course, on the word Articulate) and the award series, Carpe Verbum, means Seize the Word; the sentiment here is that the art of speaking is not always confined to the written language. For this reason, the Review is pleased to take on an artistic license with the meaning, extending its hand to the painters and photographers of the world as well. This decision has both expanded the readership and has also intensified the bond between the genres, culminating in a crescendo which is captured delightfully within the pages of this fine review. THIS IS A GORGEOUS COFFEE-TABLE MUST! It is an engaging, highly addictive publication featuring short stories, poetry, intriguing interviews, informative articles, stunning full colour photography, and incredibly insightful essays. Moreover, it hosts a bi-annual contest which gives away about 10,000. in scholarships and prize money for outstanding short fiction, poetry, photography and novellas. There is even a section for aspiring young writers and photographers. Based in Portland, Oregon, The Carpe Articulum Literary Review is a premier magazine which consistently features new, fresh voices who might otherwise have been lost in the murmuring masses. In its sixth year now, it strives to present to the world these brilliant voices, because they truly have something important to say. The writers do the work, and Carpe Articulum does all it can to reward their fine efforts in the craft of writing. It works also to promote their work in hopes that others beyond Carpe's scope may provide them with more headway in the field. Carpe Articulum is proud to be part of such a noble effort, as it is only the written word that survives this temporary state.

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9781615841332: Carpe Articulum Literary Review (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Hindi Edition)

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ISBN 10: 1615841334 ISBN 13: 9781615841332
Casa editrice: Carpe Articulum Press, 2009