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Yearbook of Type 1

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9783721208610: Yearbook of Type 1
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'The Yearbook of Type' is an independent compendium presenting a selection of the best fonts designed or released during the last four years. These fonts come from all around the world - distinguished brands as well as small, independent type designers and foundries. The book is structured alphabetically. In addition, an index allows the reader to look for fonts according to their classification. Several chapters presenting type designers, foundries and background knowledge on typography as well as practical advice complement the detailed listing of fonts that constitutes the main body. Emotional, evocative and informative designs paired with a high practicability - 'The Yearbook of Type' is meant to inspire as well as support people working with type. Graphic designers and advertising agencies can use it as a catalogue or reference book, but it also addresses anybody with an interest in type design.

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MAGMA Brand Design stands for a high-quality, sophisticated and reflected approach to graphic design. The work of the studio has received more than 70 national and international design awards and is featured in design publications on a regular basis. Other MAGMA projects include the typography blog and magazine Slanted, Typodarium - a typographical tear-off calendar, the Bastard Project - an on-going work on the topic of fluctuating identities in a globalised world, and the digital type foundry Volcano Type.

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