Business Chinese Test (BCT): Practice Tests 1

9789814226622: Business Chinese Test (BCT): Practice Tests 1
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The Business Chinese Test (BCT) is a standardized test that aims to assess the proficiency of non-native speakers of Chinese in business and business-related language. Business Chinese Test: Practice Tests I is the first book of simulated test materials published in China and internationally for BCT. In this Singapore edition, the components of each test are set in accordance with the requirements of the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). An audio CD is included in the book for the Listening and Speaking tests. Key Features: ? Four complete sets of BCT simulated test papers which provide ample practice for test-takers. ? Aims to improve user?s proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. ? Test papers are perforated allowing users to tear them easily for use in the classroom or at home. ? Answer keys are attached to each practice test; answer guidelines are provided for subjective tests such as the Speaking and Writing tests. Market Audience: ? People who intend to sit for the Business Chinese Test (BCT) ? People who would like to self-evaluate their proficiency in business Chinese ? Students who are taking Business Chinese courses and would like to assess their learning progress Table of Contents : Foreword (English) Foreword (Chinese) 1. BCT (Listening & Speaking) Practice Test 1 2. BCT (Reading) Practice Test 1 3. BCT (Writing) Practice Test 1 4. BCT (Listening & Speaking) Practice Test 2 5. BCT (Reading) Practice Test 2 6. BCT (Writing) Practice Test 2 7. BCT (Listening & Speaking) Practice Test 3 8. BCT (Reading) Practice Test 3 9. BCT (Writing) Practice Test 3 10. BCT (Listening & Speaking) Practice Test 4 11. BCT (Reading) Practice Test 4 12. BCT (Writing) Practice Test 4

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