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Please note that international shipping may cost MUCH more than indicated for heavy books due to recent postal changes. We are not, in general, sellers of collectibles. Book conditions are given in terms of readability and structural soundness, not appearance. If seeking gift books, please look elsewhere.

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Condizioni di vendita

Check or Money order accepted, credit card orders need to use either Abe commerce payment or arrange sale via Amazon. Make all payment out to "Dale Ondeck" NOT Ondeckonline.
Contact via e-mail for special shipping or payment. Books can be returned
for full refund within 1 week of reciept. Buyer pays return shipping unless
we've made a significant error. Make checks payable to Dale Ondeck.
Please remember that I do NOT claim to be an expert on either grading or
first edition identification, so pl...

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Condizioni di spedizione

Orders usually ship within 2 business days. Shipping rates are now based on oversize, heavy books, due to the removal of economy shipping options by the US postal system and the unwillingness of Abebooks to make allowances for it. All smaller book orders will recieve reduced shipping when processed.