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Buddhist Stupas in South Asia: Recent Archaeological, Art-Historical, and Historical Perspectives

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9780195698862: Buddhist Stupas in South Asia: Recent Archaeological, Art-Historical, and Historical Perspectives
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Bringing together the latest research on stupas in South Asia, this volume includes new conceptual paradigms as well as new approaches to monuments, sculpture, material culture, and textual interpretation. The collection utilizes archaeological, art historical and epigraphic evidence in broader cultural and historical frameworks to enrich our understanding, not only of stupa monuments but also ancient Buddhism and the wider history to which they pertain.

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Akira Shimada, Assistant Professor, History, Department, State University of New York, New Paltz; Dr Jason Hawkes, Assistant Finds Supervisor, Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge


Preface and Acknowledgements, Chapter 1. Approaches to the Study of Buddhist Stupas, Jason Hawkes & Akira Shimada; Chapter 2. The Archaeology of Stupas: Constructing Buddhist Identity in the Colonial Period, Himanshu Prabha Ray; Chapter 3. The Colonial History of Sculptures from the Amaravati Stupa, Jennifer Howes; Chapter 4. Relics of the Buddha: Body, Essence, Text, Michael Willis; Chapter 5. The Power of Proximity: Creating and Venerating Shrines in Indian Buddhist Narratives, Andy Rotman; Chapter 6. Nature as Utopian Space on the Early Stupas of India, Robert Brown; Chapter 7. Narrative Sequences in the Buddhist Reliefs from Gandhara, Kurt Behrendt; Chapter 8. Shedding Skins: Naga Imagery and Layers of Meaning in South Asian Buddhist Contexts, Robert DeCaroli; Chapter 9. Stupas, Monasteries and Relics in the Landscape: Typological, Spatial, and Temporal Patterns in the Sanchi Area, Julia Shaw; Chapter 10. The Wider Archaeological Contexts of the Buddhist Stupa Site of Bharhut, Jason Hawkes; Chapter 11. Buddhist Ideology and the Commercial Ethos in Kuan India, Xinru Liu; Chapter 12. The Urban Context of Early Buddhist Monuments in South Asia, James Heitzman; Chapter 13. Amaravati and Dhanyaka?aka: Topology of Monastic Spaces in Ancient Indian Cities, Akira Shimada; Chapter 14. Stupa, Story and Empire: Constructions of the Buddha Biography in Early Post-Asokan India, Jonathan S. Walters; Chapter 15. Remembering the Amaravati Stupa: The Revival of a Ruin, Catherine Becker; Chapter 16. What makes a Stupa?: Quotations, Fragments and the Reinvention of Buddhist Stupas in Contemporary India, Jinah Kim; Bibliography

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