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Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Machines

9780471613053: Electromagnetic and Electromechanical Machines
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The major emphasis in this third edition, as in the first, is placed on physical rather than mathematical concepts in the analysis of conventional electrical machinery such as electromagnets, reactors, transformers, rotating electromagnetic machines, and machine system performance. Nearly all the subject matter of the previous edition has been retained. The book contains a beginning chapter on circuits to provide a fundamental basis of nomenclature for the text and provides a power circuits introduction or review. This edition: focuses only on the electromagnetic properties of devices that are essentially electromechanical; introduces AC machines before DC machines after an introduction to electromagnetic energy conversion and transformer theory; provides material on system theory; and provides material for those who, after introducing basic machine theory, like to stress the many applications of energy conversion of a conventional and unconventional nature. The SI system of units is used exclusively throughout the text.

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