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Seymour, John Forgotten Arts & Crafts

ISBN 13: 9780751327823

Forgotten Arts & Crafts

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9780751327823: Forgotten Arts & Crafts
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The Forgotten Arts & Crafts brings together in a single absorbing volume two best-selling classics The Forgotten Arts and Forgotten Household Crafts written by the acknowledged "Father of Self-sufficiency" John Seymour. Taking the reader on an evocative journey through the worlds of traditional craftspeople - from blacksmith to bee-keeper wainwright to housewife - Seymour celebrates their honest skills many of which have disappeared beneath the tread of progress. Reviving forgotten skills With characteristic passion Seymour demonstrates that these country arts and household crafts need never be forgotten. From woodland and buiding crafts to the tasks of the kitchen and laundry he explores every aspect of traditional life. Materials and workshop tools are usefully annotated and techniques evoked in engaging words and pictures. Over 1 700 detailed illustrations and photographs bring to life each craft and skill. Nostalgia for bygone days In an affectionate and nostalgic account John Seymour recalls a lifetime of encounters with working craftspeople in different parts of the world and describes the trades and household activities he saw practised in the countryside of his youth. With a crusading vigour he commends the joys of noble toil and makes a compelling plea for "virtuous craftsmanship" which may without vigilance vanish forever.

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