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Miescher, Johann Friedrich

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Descrizione: Miescher, Johann Friedrich (1844-95). Ueber die Beziehungen zwischen Meereshöhe und Beschaffenheit des Blutes. Offprint from Correspondenzblatt für Schweizter Aerzte (1893). 809-832pp. Text diagrams. 249 x 174 mm. Original printed wrappers, one corner a little chipped. Fine. Miescher's copy, with his stamp on the front wrapper and title and printed label on the front wrapper. First Edition, Offprint Issue. The Swiss physiologist Miescher is best known for being the first to isolate and identify what we now know as DNA. Toward the end of his life, suffering from the tuberculosis that would eventually kill him at age 51, he began researching the effect of high altitude on the composition of the blood. He confirmed that at 6000 feet above sea level the number of red blood cells per cubic centimeter is eight million as compared with five million at sea level. In the present work, the text of an address delivered before the Congress of Swiss Physicians in 1893, Miescher stated that "climate on high mountains is the best which most effectually restores health and by which a maximum activity in the production of new blood is set up, with a minimum of discomfort in the process of acclimatization" (quoted in Mosso, Life of Man in the High Alps [1898], p. 277). Codice articolo 42955

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De inflammatione ossium eorumque anatome generali. Exercitatio: Miescher, Johann Friedrich

Descrizione: 1836. Berlin, G.Eichler, 1836, 4°, XIV 281 pp., 4 Tafeln, feiner Pappband mit aufkaschierter orignaler blauer Broschur; etwas fleckig. Selten, erste und einzige Ausgabe. Johann Friedrich Miescher-His (1811-1887) war Prof. der Physiologie und allgem. Pathologie in Bern und Basel. Die vorliegende Arbeit entstand im Jahre seiner Promotion unter Johannes Müller (1801-58), dem bedeutenden Berliner Physiologen, der ihr seine Abhandlung über die Knochenkörperchen nebst 4 Kupfertafeln beifügte. First and only Edition of this rare book.! In this book, Miescher discusses the embryology and growth of bone as well as the various inflammatory diseases that afflict the skeletal system. The work also contains Müller's "Observationes de canaliculis corpusculorum ossium atque de modo, quo terrea materia in ossibus continetur" illustrated with four very fine lithographic plates. "His accurate descriptions of finer bone structure and the histology of fracture-healing in his 1836 treatises were his main contributions to medical science. He was first to distinguish and carefully describe hyaline, elastic, and fibrous cartilage. His conclusions that ossification was always preceded by cartilage, which was then directly transformed into bone by calcification, and his belief that callus formation is always from the broken ends of bone and not from the periosteum are subject to some modification today, but were logical inferences for his time. Bacterial infection was not then understood, and he thought that suppuration was caused by mechanical interference with circulation at the point of breakage. He was first to describe resorption of bone in the healing of fractures." "Among his minor contributions were observations and lectures (never published) on liver and bladder cancer, congenital malformations, small publications on a bird trematode (Monostoma bijugum), a fish tapeworm (Tetrarhynchus), and a human skin mite (Demodex). In mouse muscle he discovered the spore sacs of Sarcocystis, still called Miescher's tubes. He published little during his life, but exerted a strong influence in the resurgence of the Basel medical school and on the practice of medicine through his students. He was also a medical historian, and gave three major addresses in this field: one on Felix Plater, one on the history of the University of Basel, and one on Albrecht von Haller, a 32-page gem of biography." LOWELL E. NOLAND, JMH, 1963, pp.394-395 Miescher discovered nuclein and was also the first to suggest the existence of a genetic code. Friedrich-Miescher-His was the son of Johannes Miescher (1771-1846) who was both a farmer and a mill owner manufacturing and trading worldwide in woven linens. He was born 1811 at Walkringen, Switzerland, then attendance at Biel Gymnasium, where Agassiz studied shortly before, and later two medical years at Bern and four (1832-1836) under Johannes Mueller in Berlin, where in 1836 he published his two major medical works "De ossium genesi, structura et vita" and "De inflammation ossium eorumque anatome generali". Returning 1837 to Switzerland, at the age of only 26 he declined a position at Bern and accepted in ordinary pathology and pathological anatomy at the university a professorship in anatomy and physiology at the small, struggling medical school at Basel. Having no students at first, he spent the winter of 1838-1839 in Paris with Magendie and Nordmann, the latter arousing in him an enduring interest in parasitology. In 1843 he married Charlotte Antonie His, daughter of Eduard His (originally Ochs), manufacturer of silk ribbons, and Anna Catharina and older sister of Wilhelm His, later embryologist at Leipzig. In 1844 he accepted a professorship at the Hochschule in Bern, amid political controversies about his appointment, and served until 1850, when he returned as professor of general pathology to Basel and there spent the rest of his life. He was active in Swiss scientific societies, organized a Basel medical . Buch. Codice articolo 41259

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Descrizione: 1888. Zbl. Physiologie, 2/14. - Leipzig & Wien, Franz Deuticke, 13. October 1888, 8°, pp.341-372, feine Broschur. Buch. Codice articolo 32295

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Johann Friedrich Miescher

Editore: EOD Network (2014)

ISBN 10: 322603040X ISBN 13: 9783226030402


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Da: Irish Booksellers (Portland, ME, U.S.A.)

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Descrizione: EOD Network, 2014. Condizione: New. book. Codice articolo M322603040X

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