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Descrizione: Mainz Johann Gutenberg, 1455. A Leaf from the Gutenberg Bible-King II [BIBLE IN LATIN]. [GUTENBERG, Johann]. A Noble Fragment. Being a Leaf of the Gutenberg Bible, 1450-1455. With a Bibliographical Essay by A. Edward Newton. New York: Gabriel Wells, 1921. [Mainz: Johann Gutenberg, Johann Fust, and Peter Schoeffer, 1455]. Edition limited to 600 copies, designed by Bruce Rogers and printed by William Edwin Rudge. Folio, (actual leaf 15 7/16 x 11 in., 156 x 110 cm.). [6] pp. of text, with title-page and one initial letter printed in red and two in blue. Original watermarked (bulls-head) paper leaf from the Gutenberg Bible tipped-in. Black gothic letter, forty-two lines, double columns. Rubricated in red and blue, with headlines, chapter numbers in red and blue. Original full black blindstamped morocco by Stikeman & Co., front cover lettered in gilt. Gilt turn-ins, grey endpapers. The leaf in this copy is very clean except for minor foxing at edges, text still very black and crisp. A remarkably fresh and lovely example. This "greatest of all printed books," the Gutenberg Bible was the first book printed from movable type in the Western hemisphere (PMM). Only forty-eight copies of it are known, most of which are incomplete. This leaf was removed from the imperfect Mannheim-Zouch-Sabin copy after it was acquired by the New York bookseller Gabriel Wells. Wells broke up the copy in 1921 and offered the leaves separately, bound along with A. Edward Newton's eloquent essay. Every copy, leaf, or fragment of this Bible represents a rare tangible piece of cultural history, and an immense achievement in the art and craft of printing. "Its printers were competing in the market hitherto supplied by the producers of high-class manuscripts. The design of the book and the layout of the book were therefore based on the book-hand and manuscript design of the day, and a very high standard of press-work was required–and obtained–to enable the new mechanical product to compete successfully with its hand-produced rivals. Standards were set in quality of paper and blackness of ink, in design and professional skill, which the printers of later generations have found difficult to maintain" (PMM). The text of the leaf is the Vulgate Latin text of Saint Jerome, and the leaf presented here is Kings II (all Chapters 9 & 10 and part of Chapters 8 & 11). Kings II is important for both the Christian and the Jewish faith as it deals with Jehu's commission by the hand of Elijah to destroy the house of Ahab. Printing and the Mind of Man 1. Goff B-526B. HBS 67748. $90,000. Codice articolo 67748

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