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Riassunto: The Art of War by Sun Tzu complete, unabridged with Bonus
The best Art of War for application in competitive situations.
How much can one big mistake cost ? Everything ?

The Art of War provides strategies and tactics for conventional war / competition. It is useful in developing offensive strategies and a critical guide for defense: learning what not to do and how to avoid competitive / enemy traps. It also explains external and internal psychological strategies.

Sun Tzu advises "know the enemy and yourself." Martial Strategists studied competitive Art of War audiobooks before making its edition to ensure that you get the best, most useful Art of War. It was designed from the ground up to be the most practical version for application in combat - be it war, business, sports, or any other form - winning in competition and avoiding costly mistakes.

Its usefulness was achieved by being faithful to the text of the Art of War.The Art of War includes the bonus "Sun Tzu and the Concubine" story and "The Biography of Confucius."

Stylistically, the Martial Strategists version is quick paced and driving. You are involved in a critical mission - YOUR VICTORY - and the general is doing everything in his power to aid you. It is designed to interest and engage you. You will retain more and find it more useful when are your involved in the audiobook. That is why Martial Strategists have incorporated sound effects, music, and some levity to keep you interested and involved unlike the competitive versions that read to you slowly, . . . with . . . very . . . tedious . . . useless . . . information . . . . placed . . . out of context, giving you a headache, and putting you to sleep.

Martial Strategist's Art of War is the best available for application in competitive situations.

Martial Strategists, a specialty division of Infofount, are strategy specialists and translate, obtain, and rewrite the most useful versions of classic military and strategy texts available. Martial Strategist's audiobooks are said to be "unequaled for entertainment, practical application, and value."

It is a quality production recorded in 2005 with music and sound effects. This audiobook has real actors and is performed in a manner that is easy to understand and entertaining. It is a concise and accurate translation with the actors clearly and comprehensively articulating the text. It is not dry and boring as some other versions are. It has some levity in appropriate places. Also available discounted in InfoFount’s "Martial Strategy Pack."

The Art of War Deluxe (3 Disks) This version integrates the comments and explanations of 2500 years of China's most respected experts on Sun Tzu's text seamlessly into the audiobook. It "fills in the blanks" and clarifies the military vocabulary, concepts, and strategies within the text that taken at face value can easily be misunderstood.

If you are serious about fully understanding all the concepts and will take the time and effort to listen to it several times - We suggest the Deluxe 3 disk version. Sun Tzu wrote in a terse, somewhat abstract style, and, of course, wrote of vastly different times and conditions (500 BC China). The integrated commentary and explanations on the 3 disk set can greatly help clarify these aspects of Sun Tzu's Art of War.

The comments and explanations were very carefully integrated to clarify and enhance without disrupting, the flow and comprehension of Sun Tzu's text. When you hear Sun Tzu talking about some obscure term or concept you will not be lost. Incredibly there are other versions that never explain some critical and counter intuitive and ambiguous writings - you can only take your chances and guess. Some of The Art of War if taken literally would be an inaccurate interpretation and potentially disastrous. Sun Tzu wrote in a somewhat abstract, poetic style assuming that the reader was familiar with military and cultural matters as it related to 500 BC China.

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