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This Book is in Good Condition. Clean Copy With Light Amount of Wear. 100% Guaranteed. Summary: BETRAYAL is the story of toxic chemical exposure at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro on the West Coast (CA) and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune on the East Coast (NC). BETRAYAL reports the denial of the effects of exposure to toxic chemicals to veterans and their dependents, including the highest incidence of male breast cancer at Camp Lejeune of any demographic in the U.S. None of the veterans that served aboard these two installations were notified of their exposure to deadly contaminants when it was discovered resulting in both bases earning EPA Superfund status. Many have died without 'connecting the dots' between their killing diseases and military service. There is no VA health care for El Toro Marines. The trichloroethylene (TCE) plume at El Toro spreads miles off the former base into Orange County. TCE (a carcinogen) was used at El Toro for decades and contaminated the soil, groundwater and aquifer, cutting a path right through the base's wells. Over 70 toxic chemicals contaminated both El Toro and Lejeune. BETRAYAL reports on the missing water distribution engineering drawings and original well construction drawings (permanent records) at El Toro, the findings from Navy well destruction reports, and the radiation contamination in a 200,000 square foot hangar not discovered until after the base was closed. The documentation at Lejeune and persistence by Marine veterans and their dependents and several Congressmen resulted in the passage of the Janey Ensminger Act in August 2012. Even after approval of health care by the VA for Camp Lejeune Marines, veterans have to fight for VA disability compensation benefits; most of the claims are denied by the VA and some die before their appeals can be heard; dependent toxic tort claims gather dust in the Navy's Judge Advocate General's office files with no interest in processing them. There is no presumptive disability for El Toro and Lejeune. Veterans who served honorably have to secure creditable medical evidence and medical nexus opinions linking their medical conditions to military service. Legal service for VA disability compensation claims can't be obtained until the claim is denied, which can take years before a decision is made. Marines have a long history of service to the country and loyalty to each other. Military service is a duty that citizens voluntarily take up, but if that service leads to toxic poisoning and denial of responsibility by the government, then the impact on the defense of the country will suffer. Codice inventario libreria

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Riassunto: BETRAYAL is a thrilling and informative nonfiction account of murder, gun running, and cocaine trafficking in a covert action gone wrong at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, California. The Reagan and Bush administrations used profits from the sales of cocaine to fund the Contra War, ignoring the Congressional Boland Amendments, which prevented the use of appropriated funds to support the Contras in the war in Nicaragua (1979-1990). Over 40 tons (36,000 kilos) of cocaine were flown by CIA contract pilots into El Toro and Homestead AFB with an estimated street value of $2.1 billion. The white powder was flown into other military bases, too. No one was prosecuted in the US government for cocaine trafficking; they were shielded by the covert status of the operation. The influx of cocaine fueled the crack cocaine epidemic, killing thousands of Americans, addicting and imprisoning thousands of others. The statute of limitations on cocaine trafficking ran out; but, there is no statute of limitations on murder. Colonel James E. Sabow who threatened to blow the whistle on the illegal cocaine trafficking at El Toro was murdered in his quarters; the crime scene set-up to support a phony suicide. Other Marines met violent deaths; the government denies any wrong doing; but, the forensic evidence supports the murder of Colonel Sabow and threatens to unwind the fabric of lies by the government, resulting in indictments and convictions for murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and crime scene tampering of powerful people. BETRAYAL stands with the best works of Norman Mailer (The Executioner’s Song) and Truman Capote (In Cold Blood). Buy it, read it, and take action, as author Robert O’Dowd has done to ensure American military members are protected from unnecessary harm while serving in uniform from a government that buries its missteps too soon and too often.

About the Author: Robert O’Dowd is a disabled Marine veteran of Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, CA. He served 52 months on active duty with the 1st, 3rd and 4th Marine Aircraft Wings in 1960s. At Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, Robert was assigned to Marine Wing Services Group 37 (MWSG-37), the most environmentally contaminated air group on the base with 11 contaminated sites in its 200 acres. At El Toro for 20 months, he worked and slept on duty watch in a Radium 226 contaminated work space in Hangar 296. After honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and graduation from Temple University, Robert worked in a series of accounting and financial management positions with the federal government, including the EPA Office of Inspector General and the Defense Logistics Agency. You can write Robert O’Dowd at

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