Anthony Bozza Why AC/DC Matters

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Why AC/DC Matters

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9780061863165: Why AC/DC Matters

"I′ll go on record as saying they′re the greatest rock & roll band of all time. They didn′t write emotional lyrics. They didn′t play emotional songs. The emotion is all in that groove. And that groove is timeless."

-- legendary record producer Rick Rubin

Even though AC/DC has sold more than 70 million records in the US--more than the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen and Aerosmith--the band has never quite achieved critical success. In fact, many critics have been deliberately and overtly dismissive of AC/DC, despite their longevity, despite their sales, despite their loyal fan base. Jason Fine, the executive editor of Rolling Stone recently admitted just that when covering the BLACK ICE record release, "literally the last story that we did on AC/DC that was of any size was in 1980. We had literally not covered the band at all. We did very few short news stories, and Rolling Stone was not the only one. AC/DC was never a band that was really covered a lot by the critics, they were always kind of looked down on."

Finally, fans--even the closeted ones--will get the tribute that they all deserve and have been waiting for.

WHY AC/DC MATTERS is an engaging, fun and pithy look at the band′s cultural importance and how they′ve influenced a generation of musicians and rock fans around the world. A fan who has seen the band 13 times, Anthony Bozza takes the double perspective of both music fan and rock critic but keeps it short and to the point, interviewing musicians such as Slash, Dave Grohl, Josh Homme but goes on record to prove that those AC/DC riffs are not as easy as they look by interviewing such heavyweights as the head of the Berklee College of Music.

Combing low brow and high brow with a great package to boot, WHY AC/DC MATTERS will finally and officially validate what all those AC/DC fans have known all along-AC/DC is the greatest rock and roll band of all time.

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About the Author:

Anthony Bozza is the author of four New York Times Bestsellers, including Whatever You Say I Am: The Life and Times of Eminem, Slash, co-written with Slash and the #1 bestselling Too Fat to Fish, co-written with Artie Lange. Bozza was a staff writer and editor for Rolling Stone magazine for seven years, during which he profiled a diverse range of artists from Eminem and the Wu-Tang Clan to Trent Reznor and U2. He lives in New York City.

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