Principles of Taxation 2004: Advanced Strategies

9780071216159: Principles of Taxation 2004: Advanced Strategies

In response to market demand, "Principles of Taxation: Advanced Strategies", by Sally Jones and Shelley Rhoades-Catanach, was developed to provide coverage of advanced tax topics. This book is ideal for students who studied "Principles of Taxation for Business and Investment Planning" in their introductory tax course. The two textbooks provide an integrated two-semester sequence of topics that represent a complete educational package for tax students. Nevertheless, "Advanced Strategies" is written in a self-contained manner. While its approach is consistent with Principles, the technical content builds on knowledge that students should know from their introductory tax course, regardless of the textbook used. "Advanced Strategies" explores the tax consequences of many, sophisticated business, financial, and personal wealth-planning transactions. Each transaction is presented in an economic or legal context, and the non-tax motives of the transacting parties are examined before the tax issues are identified. The discussion of tax issues emphasizes the development and implementation of strategies to make transactions as tax efficient as possible to all parties involved. Many of the tax strategies are analyzed in terms of their impact on net cash flows and on the income statements and balance sheets of the transacting parties.

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