Starting Embedded Linux Development on an ARM Architecture

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9780080982366: Starting Embedded Linux Development on an ARM Architecture

This book provides a unified, coordinated path for embedded developers starting out in embedded Linux programming. It takes a tutorial-style approach, and is unique in using the DS-5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), matched with ARM's architecture, to create a complete guide from installation to developing simple applications. Through clear, concise and accessible explanation and examples, this book kick starts embedded Linux development in the most practical way possible.

With this book you will learn:

. What embedded Linux can do for you, and how to achieve particular development goals

. How to set up and install the development environment

. The very basics of embedded Linux, starting with toggling I/O pins

. How to use the Linux command line to perform basic tasks

. How to debug code

. Profiling and performance tuning

. How to use TCP/IP and USB interfaces in Linux.

  • Go from basic set-up to developing complete applications, with examples throughout
  • The only book to approach embedded Linux with a particular development focus: the DS-5 IDE speeds up the learning process whilst focusing on the requirements of embedded applications, such as low level hardware access & TCP/IP socket communication
  • Companion website includes a demo version of the Keil DS-5 tools, including a full IDE, cross compiler, debugger, profiler, hardware simulator and example applications enabling you to get started immediately

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About the Author:

Joe Nicholson is a consultant and software developer, specializing in bespoke embedded systems and embedded applications, Linux, M2M & wireless telemetry, and web applications. Previously he was Chief Technical Officer at Dexdyne Ltd., and has held posts as Software Development Manager and IT Manager/ Consultant. He was the lead developer on a product that won the Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2004

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