Dynamic Object Technology Clearly Explained

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9780124903401: Dynamic Object Technology Clearly Explained

Dynamic object technology is a maturing technology suite that uses object-oriented programming languages with dynamic linking and updating capabilities to solve complex problems with large and, often times, mission critical computer systems while the systems are running. Systems such as large databases and mainframe applications can use dynamic object technology to adapt the systems to the changing needs of the users. It can be applied to a wide array of applications and businesses. Dynamic Object Technology Clearly Explained is the first book on the market to define the scope, range, and techniques that are the foundation of dynamic object technology.

* Acts as a complete tutorial reference introducing computing professionals to the fundamental concepts, methodologies, and applications of this powerful and timely approach to programming
* Addresses solutions to problems of program updating, system administration, database management, and all programs which require real time updating

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New insights to the complex problems facing software engineers

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