Mobile Sensors and Context-aware Computing

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9780128016602: Mobile Sensors and Context-aware Computing

Mobile Sensors and Context-Aware Computing explains how hardware, software, sensors, and operating system converge to create a new generation of context-aware mobile applications. This cohesive guide to the mobile computing landscape demonstrates innovative mobile and sensor solutions for platforms that deliver enhanced, personalized user experiences, with examples including the fast-growing domains of mobile health and vehicular networking. Learn how the convergence of mobile and sensors facilitates cyber-physical systems and the Internet of things, applications which directly interact with the physical world. The authors cover both the platform components and key issues of security, privacy, power management, and wireless interaction with other systems. * Shows how sensor validation, calibration, and integration impact application design and power management* Explains specific implementations for pervasive and context-aware computing such as navigation and timing * Demonstrates how mobile applications can satisfy usability concerns: know me, free me, link me, express me * Covers a broad range of application areas including ad-hoc networking, gaming, and photography

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