Core Javaserver Faces

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9780133795745: Core Javaserver Faces

Core JavaServer Faces is the bestselling guide to JSF and the fourth edition will be thoroughly updated to cover the latest feature enhancements coming in JSF 2.2. In addition to covering JSFs powerful Ajax development capabilities and open source innovations that make JSF even more valuable, it provides systematic best practices for building robust applications, minimizing handcoding, and maximizing productivity. Drawing on unsurpassed insider knowledge of the Java platform, Geary, Horstmann, and Hall present solutions, hints, tips, and "how-tos" for writing superior JSF production code. To help you quickly tap into the power of JSF 2.2, the fourth edition of Core JavaServer(TM) Faces has been completely updated to make optimum use of all the new features. The book includes * A totally new chapter on PrimeFaces * Chapters that are all updated for JSF 2.2 * Guidance on building robust applications with minimal hand coding and maximum productivity-without requiring any knowledge of servlets or other low-level "plumbing" * A complete explanation of the basic building blocks-from using standard JSF tags, to working with data tables, and converting and validating input * Coverage of advanced tasks, such as event handling, extending the JSF framework, and connecting to external services * Solutions to a variety of common challenges, including notes on debugging and troubleshooting, in addition to implementation details and working code for features that are missing from JSF * Proven solutions, hints, tips, and "how-tos" show you how to use JSF effectively in your development projects Core JavaServer(TM) Faces, Fourth Edition, provides everything you need to master the powerful and time-saving features of JSF 2.2 and is the perfect guide for programmers.

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