Enterprise Hadoop and Mapreduce

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9780133846218: Enterprise Hadoop and Mapreduce

Large enterprises have rapidly discovered that Apache Hadoop can help them slash the costs of solving their toughest data storage, processing, transformation, and analysis challenges. As enterprises adopt Hadoop, enterprise developers must learn how to build enterprise-grade applications with them. That's where Enterprise Hadoop and MapReduce comes in. Following a quick conceptual overview for enterprise developers new to Hadoop, this guide is 100% focused on teaching how to build enterprise-class Hadoop data management solutions using serious, real-world examples. Enterprise Hadoop and MapReduce is packed with real code, best practice developer tips, and higher-level "strategic tips" for working with Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, and Pig. You'll start with simple applications, iterating them to deepen and extend your expertise as you solve a wide spectrum of real-world challenges involving massive collections of diverse, unstructured data. As you practice, you'll gain deep practical insights for planning, developing, and deploying solutions that are exceptionally efficient in production, and can be easily maintained and extended over the long-term.

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