Geary, David Core AngularJS

ISBN 13: 9780134035017

Core AngularJS

9780134035017: Core AngularJS

AngularJS has quickly emerged as the #1 open-source framework for building modern single-page apps with JavaScript and HTML5. Now, there's a comprehensive guide to AngularJS for experienced programmers who want to quickly get up to speed, and rapidly build deep professional-level expertise.


Following the proven Core Series approach, renowned programming author David Geary ("Core JavaServer Faces") teaches you how to quickly build robust AngularJS applications with maximum productivity. Geary helps you go further faster, by focusing on AngularJS's most valuable features, including views, event handlers, templating, AJAX, XHRs, dependency injection, routing, filters, REST integration, and animations.


Core AngularJS will be equally useful for programmers using any toolset or platform. As you move from the essentials to advanced tasks, Geary shares a thorough understanding of AngularJS's programming paradigm, practical insights into debugging and troubleshooting, and expert tips you won't find anywhere else.

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