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Many of the familiar aspects of non-relativistic quantum mechanics were developed almost three quarters of a century ago, but the central role played by quantum physics in determining the properties of matter guarantees that new applications of the basic principles will continue to appear. Because the phenomena described by quantum theory are often remote from our daily existence, our intuition about the nature of quantum systems must be built up from sources other than direct experience; the visual display of quantitative information and qualitative ideas can play just as important a role in this learning process as do formal mathematical methods. Quantum Mechanics: Classical Results, Modern Systems, and Visualized Examples provides the student with a thorough background in the machinery of undergraduate quantum mechanics, with many examples taken from classic experiments in atomic, nuclear, and elementary particle physics. In addition, the use of visualization is heavily emphasized throughout. This book is intended for this text is intended for use in junior-senior level quantum mechanics.

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Richard W. Robinett, Professor, Department of Physics, Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Jack Simons, Department of Chemistry, University of Utah. Jeff Nichols, Technical Group Leader, High Performance Computational Chemistry group, Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


"As an introductory text, this book has many virtues. It has background chapters on classical waves and on probability, as well as appendices on relevant mathematics and hamiltonian dynamics, rare in a QM text."--Alan Jay Weinstein, California Institute of Technology

"...its wide range of subjects, assortment of applications and problems, and visual environment make it a valuable resource in the teaching and learning of quantum mechanics."--C. Michael McCallum, Journal of Chemical Education

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