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The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English

9780198602415: The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English
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The Concise Oxford Dictionary has become established as the foremost authority on English, and is the standard reference for English in all fields, for study, for professional use, and at home. This special combined book and CD-ROM edition allows you to obtain the maximum benefits from the text. The book's 140,000 definitions provide comprehensive coverage of the English language, including everything from street slang to scientific terminology. It provides coverage of the language particularly of words researched using the world's largest language research programme, hundreds of helpful usage notes giving guidance on correct English, word histories, and word pronunciations. In addition to all these features, the CD-ROM has added sound so you can hear words being read aloud to get the exact pronunciation. Its search facilities allow you to find any given word in a matter of seconds, access usage notes quickly, and back-track your moves. You can also cut-and-paste sections into your word processor document.

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