Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 1+: First Phonics: CD-ROM (pack of 3)

9780199190898: Oxford Reading Tree: Stage 1+: First Phonics: CD-ROM (pack of 3)

The "Stage 1+: Phonic Stories: Talking Stories: CD-ROM" features the "Oxford Reading Tree" characters in six phonic stories with exciting activities to help children practice phonics. Each page of the "Stage 1+: First Phonics: Rhyming Stories" books is presented on screen. The child moves through each story on screen by clicking on a button using the mouse. Roderick Hunt's text is narrated either as a whole page, individual sentence or individual word depending on choice, with each word being highlighted individually as narrated. On every page, Alex Brychta's illustrations have a lively animation and sound effect. Following on from each of the stories are Write, Read and Listen activities specifically designed for each title, with the words and phonics already encountered in the story. In addition to the six "First Phonics: Talking Stories" and their individual activities, there are three lively new Phonics Fun activities: Speedy Sounds, Chip's Picture Box and Biff's Rhyme Book. These are accessed via a separate menu and with their own set of comprehensively variable Teacher Options. Each activity has two levels of difficulty and uses a variety of words and pictures. There is a comprehensive user guide with each CD-ROM. It is a new addition to the Sherston Software/Oxford University Press list of "Oxford Reading Tree: Talking Stories". It contains exciting and motivating way to practice phonics in a familiar "Oxford Reading Tree" setting, and allows children to control their own reading progress. Variable Teacher Options setups is also included.

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About the Author:

Roderick Hunt, MBE, and Alex Brychta are the creators, author and illustrator of the much-loved Oxford Reading Tree series. They have worked together for 25 years creating and developing a winning formula that is universally known in more than 120 countries. Roderick Hunt writes all his
stories to make sure something interesting happens in every one, no matter how short. This paired with Alex Brychta's detailed illustrations ensure that children enjoy every story. Observant readers will find plenty of visual jokes and details guaranteed to delight - adults will find even


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