Renshaw G. Maths For Economics

ISBN 13: 9780199579525

Maths For Economics

9780199579525: Maths For Economics

Maths for Economics provides a solid foundation in mathematical principles and methods for economics and business students. It aims to build self-confidence in maths, by adopting a user-friendly style and by reinforcing learning at each step through worked examples and test exercises. The book assumes no prior knowledge of mathematics or economics and the author devotes part one to the revision and consolidation of basic skills in arithmetic, algebra and equation solving. From here there is a carefully calculated learning gradient, increasing in mathematical sophistication as the book progresses, designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the concepts for any student. In this latest edition there is a new 4 colour design intended to enhance the pedagogical features in the chapters. Extra material on advanced topics such as Taylor's theorum and comparative statics will be available on the Online Resource Centre.

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About the Author:

Geoff Renshaw is in the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick.


I got 96% for my final maths exam and it was all because over Christmas I read your book and did all the exercise questions. I couldn't have done it without your book. Kathryn McGeough, student (comment relating to first edition)

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