Key Management Models / Key Management Ratios

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9780273712602: Key Management Models / Key Management Ratios

Key Management Models You;ve heard of CRM, just-in-time and SWOT. How about the Deming cycle, parenting advantage or sociotechnical organisations? But do you know how to use them in your business? Key Management Models takes the reader through each of these essential management tools in a clear, structured and practical way. It provides comprehensive coverage of the main tools, and of the models developed by the Gods of Management thinking: Belbin, Handy, Kotter and Mintzberg. Key Management Ratios If you have mastered the models then management ratios should be next on your agenda. Ratios provide management with targets and standards for thier organisation. They direct businesses towards the most beneficial long-term strategies, as well as towards effective decision making. Key Management Ratios enables managers of different functions to work together towards achieivng business goals. Management models and rations - love them or hate them, they're at the heart of management thinking and these 2 highly visual and practical books will ensure you are up to scratch and using these tools and practises to your best advantage.

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