Laser Spectroscopy: Basic Concepts and Instrumentation

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9780387571713: Laser Spectroscopy: Basic Concepts and Instrumentation

Laser Spectroscopy - in this second enlarged edition - provides an introduction to modern techniques and instrumentation in laser spectroscopy. The first part, which discusses the basic concepts of absorption and emission of light, the spectroscopic instrumentation for wavelength measurements and detection of light, and the spectroscopic properties of lasers, is a textbook for graduate students. The second part gives a survey on different techniques of laser spectroscopy and their applications, with ample references to the original literature. This book helps close the gap between classical works on optics and spectroscopy, and more specialized publications on modern research in this field. It is addressed to graduate students in physics and chemistry as well as scientists just entering this field on research.

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Text: English
Introduction: German


"...a recommended buy for anyone who is using lasers, or who searches an introduction to the field of laser spectroscopy." -- Physicalia

"A detailed survey of the essential ideas and facts of laser spectroscopy, which, because of its clarity and utility, is already a classic... it will be hard to imagine a better book at this level addressed to a wide audience." -- Applied Optics, on the first edition

"Will appeal to scientists and engineers who plan to enter this field or who have need for a user friendly reference. In particular, I can recommend Laser Spectroscopy as an excellent textbook for advanced undergraduate students and first-year graduate students." -- Optical Engineering

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