Vico & Smith: Extracting Information from a Probabilistic Universe

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9780415299244: Vico & Smith: Extracting Information from a Probabilistic Universe

The recent literature on Adam Smith has been large and for the first time treats Smith as a philosopher rather than only a political economist. Many new insights attend this new perspective and several paradoxes are resolved. This broad philosophic approach also reveals much closer connections between David Hume and Smith. At the same time, striking similarities between Smith and G. Vico are unveiled.This book identifies the new Smith and presents these novel links among these three great philosophers.

The authors of this book show that both Hume and Vico espouse an economics closely resembling that of Smith. On the other hand, Smith's philosophy places the imagination in a elevated position similar to that of Vico and Hume. All three have made significant contributions to rhetoric and history. By concentrating on these similarities, they expose Vico's philosophy in a congenial manner, and aim to heighten his influence in American philosophy. Finally, the authors demonstrate the contributions of these three men to the core of the important new branch of economics: Neuroeconomics.

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