Investigating Implicit and Explicit Language Learning

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9780415507745: Investigating Implicit and Explicit Language Learning

This latest title in the successful Second Language Acquisition Research series is a practical guide to conducting research on implicit and explicit language learning, a topic of considerable current and growing interest in SLA. Investigating Implicit and Explicit Language Learning is the first such research guide on the market, and introduces readers to methods that have been widely used in cognitive psychology but have found little application in SLA. The book provides clear guidelines on how to set up implicit and explicit learning experiments, and covers key definitions and methodological considerations, the popular research paradigms of artificial language learning and sequence learning, and measures of awareness. Graduate students and researchers in the fields of second language studies, applied linguistics, cognitive psychology, and education will find a wealth of timely and hands-on information in this volume. The book is also a useful text for courses in L2 research methods, instructed second language acquisition, and advanced seminars in SLA.

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Section 1: The Basics. Ch 1: Introduction. Ch 2: Basic considerations. Section 2: Research Paradigms. Ch 3: Artificial Language Learning. Ch 4: Sequence Learning. Section 3: Measuring Implicit and Explicit Knowledge. Ch 5: Verbal Reports. Ch 6: Direct and Indirect Tests. Ch 7: Subjective Measures. Section 4: Research Agenda. Ch 8: Conclusion and Research Agenda.

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