OPAL Module 8: Second Messengers

ISBN 13: 9780444825865

OPAL Module 8: Second Messengers

9780444825865: OPAL Module 8: Second Messengers

OPAL is an interactive system using computer technology and hypermedia
principles to bring a revolutionary approach to learning and teaching.
Information on topics in cell-to-cell signalling spanning different disciplines
is presented. There are no sequential and rigid patterns. Each user can browse
freely and create his\her own knowledge trail. OPAL modules provide intuitive
and easily remembered learning.

· uses mouse activated icons and
windows with senitive zones to access much more in-depth information,
illustrations, or text, establishing a personal path through the subjects
according to interest

· allows animations and experimental simulations
in which the user can play an active role

· includes tests which give a
detailed score of your knowledge and automatically prepare a revision

· in the Teacher version, lessons of any desired sequence can
be made which can be projected on a large screen

·the Question Maker
allows the teacher to make up questions for knowledge evaluation

many more easy-to-use features

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