Dictionary of Animal Production Terminology: In English, French, German, Spanish and Latin

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9780444880727: Dictionary of Animal Production Terminology: In English, French, German, Spanish and Latin

In this new, revised edition of the "Dictionary of Animal Production Terminology" the subjects found in the two previous editions are covered more thoroughly and in considerably greater detail than before. The same applies for the production and husbandry sectors, which were previously only superficially covered. This has been made possible by the help of a large group of specialists, well informed not only on matters relating to animal agriculture, but also on the most recent advances in science and technology and the relevant developments in terminology. The dictionary consists of two main parts. The first part, the basic table, gives in English alphabetical order, a list of words and phrases which are of general use in the literature and the spoken vocabularies of animal production workers. The expressions are given in English, French, German, Spanish and, where appropriate, Latin. The second part consists of four indexes, listing the French, German, Spanish and Latin expressions in alphabetical order. The terminology covered in the dictionary includes terms specific to animal production, as well as terms from related basic scientific disciplines, such as biochemistry, economics, genetics, nutrition, physiology, statistics and computer science. This dictionary will be useful for potential users involved with animal agriculture (in education, research, development), as well as for those professionals responsible for interpretations and translations.

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