Object Oriented Design and Patterns: WITH Wiley Plus Blackboard Chalk

9780470081303: Object Oriented Design and Patterns: WITH Wiley Plus Blackboard Chalk

* Introduces object-oriented fundamentals critical to designing software and shows how to implement design techniques
* Horstmann's clear, hands-on presentation and outstanding writing style help readers to better understand the material
* Useful sidebars cover relevant data structures
* C++ notes throughout the book illustrate object-oriented programming concepts that are not available with Java
* An online UML editor (designed by the author) allows readers to create and test UML code
* Also available from Cay Horstmann, the highly successful Computing Concepts with Java Essentials, Third Edition (0-471-24371-X); Computing Concepts with C++ Essentials, Third Edition (0-471-16437-2), and Big Java (0-471-40248-6)

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From the Back Cover:

This hands-on-guide-written by one of the most successful authors in programming-makes design patterns and principles accessible to everyone! Drawing from his extensive experience as a programmer, consultant and teacher, Horstmann introduces object-oriented design principles, and gives you a roadmap for applying these principles and techniques in your own designs.

  • Each topic is illustrated with a high-interest example that introduces you to user interface programming and the full range of Java language features. As you build your programming skills, you will also learn good design practice.
  • This book uses Java as its implementation language, and also covers additional OOD strat egies that are available in C++ and other object-oriented languages.
  • The book includes a crash course in Java, covering all the basic language constructs for anyone not familiar with the language.
  • Horstmann integrates the latest and most effective tools such as BlueJ, javadoc, and JUnit, as well as other experimental tools.
  • The Capstone chapter introduces design principles and shows you how to create an easy-to-use UML diagram editor.
  • The guide will reach you important skills, including:
    - using UML for modeling
    - unit testing and programming by contract
    - programming GUI applications
    - understanding classical design patterns
    - using and designing frameworks

About the Author:

Cay S. Horstmann is a Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at San Jose State University. He is an experienced professional programmer and was Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Preview Systems, Inc. He is also a consultant for major corporations, universities and organizations on C++, Java, Windows and Internet programming. Horstmann is the author of many successful professional and academic books, including Core Java (Sun Microsystems Press), with Gary Cornell, Computing Concepts with Java Essentials (John Wiley and Sons, Inc.), Big Java (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.), and Computing Concepts with C++ Essentials (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.).

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