RapidIO: The Embedded System Interconnect

9780470092934: RapidIO: The Embedded System Interconnect

RapidIO - The Embedded System Interconnect brings together one essential volume on RapidIO interconnect technology, providing a major reference work for the evaluation and understanding of RapidIO. Covering essential aspects of the specification, it also answers most usage questions from both hardware and software engineers. It will also serve as a companion text to the specifications when developing or working with the RapidIO interconnect technology. Including the history of RapidIO and case of studies of RapidIO deployment, this really is the definitive reference guide for this new area of technology.

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From the Back Cover:

High-speed, reliable connectivity for next-generation system design

Providing a detailed description of RapidIO applications in several types of system, RapidIO: The Embedded System Interconnect is the first comprehensive reference on the RapidIO interconnect technology. RapidIO was developed specifically to achieve high-performance, low-cost, reliable and scalable system connectivity in embedded, networking, and communications devices. This book presents the motivations for RapidIO and describes how it compares with other interconnect technologies.

Written by one of the founders of the RapidIO Trade Association, this unique resource:

  • Presents an introductory section detailing the history of the RapidIO technology
  • Provides a practical guide for all of the RapidIO logical layer protocols, network, link and physical layer technologies
  • Discusses the usage of RapidIO in embedded systems such as enterprise storage and wireless infrastructure
  • Illustrates newly defined technologies such as the RapidFabric dataplane extensions
  • Describes case studies of RapidIO usage in real system architectures
  • Evaluates the programming models associated with RapidIO
  • Reviews related mechanical standards such as the VME Switched Serial Extensions and the PICMG Advanced Telecommunications Architecture (ATCA) standards.

RapidIO: The Embedded System Interconnect is an essential tool for professionals involved in the development of large-scale, high-performance embedded networking, communications and related equipment. With accessible contributions from industry leaders, this book also serves as an excellent reference for common RapidIO packet and symbol formats, register file definitions and system software application programming interfaces.

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