Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data, Upgrade

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9780470606995: Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data, Upgrade

Why Upgrade?

Wiley has recently added hundreds of thousands of compounds to the Wiley Registry. If your spectral libraries are out of date, chances are higher that your lab won't be able detect the broad array of compounds featured in the latest libraries. Upgrade your library today to ensure that your laboratory can offer the broadest detection commercially available.

Does My Lab Qualify for an Upgrade?

If your lab has a valid license to any previous edition of the Wiley Registry, your lab qualifies to upgrade to the Wiley Registry 9th.

1969 to 2009: Celebrating 40 Years of the Wiley Registry®

Wiley Celebrates 40 years of publishing the Wiley Registry® with Dr. Fred McLafferty by announcing the 9th edition of the Wiley Registry of Mass Spectral Data. This is the largest mass spectral library ever commercially available, with over 662,000 spectra and over 565,000 searchable chemical structures. Containing over 592,000 compounds, the Wiley Registry is a must-have for any analytical laboratory.

Applications include pathology, forensics, quality assurance, border control, research and development, commercial deformulation, food safety, food quality, and anywhere an unknown compound must be identified or a known compound must be confirmed.

More Is Better

The 9th edition of the Wiley Registry promises to be the largest ever*:

  • 662,000 mass spectra
  • 565,000 searchable structures
  • 68,000 replicate spectra
  • 592,000 compounds

*Numbers are projected, final counts may differ

System requirements: Windows XP SP3, Windows VISTA SP2, Windows 7, DVD drive, 2GB free disk space, compatible mass spectrometry software.

Multiple format DVD contains mass spectral library in the following formats: MS Search (compatible with most mass spectrometry software), Agilent Chemstation (compatible with Chemstation and MassHunter), PerkinElmer TurboMass, Shimadzu GCMS Solution, Thermo Spectral ID, and Waters MassLynx.

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