Therascribe 3.0 for Windows: Standalone Version: The Computerized Assistant to Psychotherapy Treatment Planning

9780471184157: Therascribe 3.0 for Windows: Standalone Version: The Computerized Assistant to Psychotherapy Treatment Planning

"TheraScribe can produce treatment plans that are outstanding in clinical relevance, focused communication, overall organization, and clarity." --Medical Software ReviewTheraScribe--the best selling consultant to the therapy planning process--eliminates countless hours of time-consuming paperwork. Organized by behavioral problem, TheraScribe 3.0 contains over 2,500 prewritten interventions, goals, objectives, and suggested DSM-IVTM diagnoses for child, adolescent, and adult disorders. Recordkeeping, progress reports, and outcome assessment are simplified and streamlined by this user-friendly Windows-based program.Analyze treatment outcome by diagnosis, presenting problem, provider, patient demographics, or time frame. Results can be graphically displayed.Generates neatly organized professional treatment documents. Customizable reports contain all of the elements required by JCAHO, CARF, Medicaid, and managed care organizations: Patient Data Progress Notes Presenting Problems Treatment Modalities DSM-IVTM Diagnoses Suggested Interventions Goals and Objectives. . . and much moreWith the new side-by-side window display, you can choose treatment plan components from the built-in goal, objective, and intervention libraries up to 15 times faster!Create narrative patient histories and progress notes of unlimited length. Or, use the new automated notes feature to develop session-by-session summaries.The best . . .just got better! TheraScribe TM3.0 . . .Generates attractive clinical documents Contains "point-and-click" progress notes Tracks treatment outcome Has a built-in word processor--for flexible reports Stores preferred clinical pathways Accommodates multi-provider treatment teams Password protected--to ensure client confidentialitySYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: IBM? compatible 386DX (486 or Pentium recommended) 8MB RAM (12MB recommended) 10MB Free Hard Disk Space VGA display (SVGA recommended) Windows? 3.1 or later (Compatible with Windows? 95 and Windows? NT)

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